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Updated: Jul 31, 2019


Well, if you have been following us for the past couple of months, you should know that we reached foundation at Kickstarter. Our Kraken Space Tiles project, a 3D printable Space Tiles System that is designed for any kind of Dungeon Sci-Fi Crawler Game, came true thanks to 140 Backers!

*Human figures used on the video are not for sale. They are not property of Kraken Studios.

Now that Kickstarter is finished, we are launching this website in order to make our products available for everyone, and to give opportunities for the Backers that made our project possible by offering the Stretch Goals we didn't unlock at KS.

During the next months we are going to develope the Fusion Core Room and Spaceship Command Room as promised, and they will be available here. The rest of the pieces (Main sets, additional Sets, Add ons...) will be also available at our online store.

So we won't stop working!

About the pieces... each of them has been designed with a lot of attention into details, having always in top of mind the importance of the artistic look. As a result, we present the most spectacular and detailed tiles that you will ever see! 

Once you purchase your order, you will get the .stl files directly on your email, and if you would like a license to well the printed pieces, contact us so that we can tell you how to proceed.

So take a look at our online store, maybe you see something you like!

But this ins't everything at all... we have already start working at new sceneries that have nothing to do with Space themes, there is a lot coming out!

*This project, and every item contained herein, is a registered Trademark. It can not be copied, reproduced or sold without the express written consent of the owner.

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