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Add this WEATHER CONTROL structure to your stadium. You will be able to visually follow the time with which the game is being played.
This structure comes with a very special miniature: the WEATHER CHICK from KRAKEN TV, an exclusive  addition to any FANTASY FOOTBALL stadium set.

THIS SET INCLUDES all the STL FILES needed to create the structure and diferent tokens for each weather type.

The pieces have been divided and tested for optimal 3D printing.

The MINIATURE comes with presupported version.






    All official content is subject to copyright © and trademark protection ® . ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Models have a strict non-commercial, non-distribution license and shall be downloaded for personal use only. Consumer may not share, distribute, sell, rent, host, or transfer 3D printable file. Consumer may not print for commercial or mass production purposes. Each model may be downloaded for personal use only and may not be used for marketing, collecting money, fees, donations reimbursement or any remuneration purposes: Including but not limited to, selling prints, posting on ebay, etsy, shapeways, facebook shop or any other product or file distribution center. Any violation is subject to legal enforcement of intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law, including the seeking of criminal prosecution.


    All files are supplied in STL format.

    28mm scale, but they can be adjusted to any scale

    Miniatures not included, shown for scale check only.


VAT Included
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