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3D PRINTING FOR BOARD GAMES and WARGAMING: the hobby’s future is here!

3D printing has been with us for a long time now. It has established itself in many different fields: professional, domestic, or personal.

At KRAKEN STUDIOS we use this technology on a daily basis to develop our prototyping and toy creation activity and develop MINIATURES and SCENOGRAPHY MINIATURES STL files for board games and WARGAMES.

3D printing applied to the toys or board games world places us fully in the INDUSTRY 4.0 field, or rather, on the TOY 4.0 field. We can prototype, develop and produce material for our customers in an immediate and efficient way, saving in infrastructure and production materials, but above all, offering quality products to our customers in a fast and direct way.

As fans of board games and Wargames in general we have found that the irruption of 3D printing in this field represents a radical change in the way we develop our hobby. Now we can buy and download any complement, miniature, or scenery element for our games in a matter of minutes. While printing and painting it can take a few more hours, in the same day we can have that product on our gaming table. FROM ANY PART OF THE WORLD.

Nowadays we can acquire a 3D Printer with which we can print MINIATURES or SCENOGRAPHY elements for less than 300€, letting us print infinity of elements for our games. For a little more than what we pay for some board games we can have the necessary technology to recreate an endless number of elements for our games, from our room and without moving from our house.

Another determining factor is the ease of use and fiability of 3D printing. Today's machines do not require advanced knowledge and are easy to use. In addition, there is an incredibly communicative on-line community to share knowledge and experiences with. Another important part of the hobby is to share with other users worldwide your creations, ideas or concerns. We have a community of users really committed to technology and everything that revolves around it.

The quality of 3D printed board game products with today's technology allows us to compete with traditional companies that produce using plastic injection techniques, lead casting or any mass production system from molds.

The possibilities that this technology opens up are endless, and it allows us to expand our games beyond the limits of our imagination. The gaming experience will never be the same!

At KRAKEN ESTUDIOS we are very clear about our goal: to use this technology to take our product lines for board games and wargames to the next level and consolidate our position as the WORLD reference in this emerging Toy 4.0 sector.

THE FUTURE IS ALREADY HERE... and you can print it at home!

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Hi all at Kraken,

I have pledged in the Kickstarter "Space Battleground". I am disabled and short of cash at this moment. Will it be possible to wait a couple of months and then purchase the rest of the add-ons ?


Paul Baldock

Please excuse any typo's, keyboards are a nightmare for me.


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